Investigate the Hoover

The Hoover House has an amazing history with some fantastic energy.

Investigate Privately

If you have a group that would love to investigate the BnB privately we offer special rates for booking the entire Hoover House. You’ll be able to investigate and relax at your own pace.

Experience the Paranormal

Investigation Finds

One of the spirits likes swearing. In this clip Steve confronts him about this. This clip was recorded in our plant room area.

In this clip taken in the Plant room area, Steve is asking the spirit a question and gets a response.

Steve is asking the spirits for a name in this clip.

Even more EVP evidence taken from our plant room.

Steve and Carly were present and running an EVP session – you hear first an expression about some waters – then before you hear Steve – a spirit mentions a pair of speakers that was present in the area – then you hear Steve mention the speakers – the first voice was NOT Steve – it was a spirit talking about the speakers – then Steve talks – only Steve and Carly were present at this recording